Free launch launcher start run quick fast program document shortcut software

Launch launcher start run quick fast program document shortcut software


Fast Launcher

Fast Launcher 3.5

Fast Launcher - replacement for Quick Launch and Start Menu This application has several features which make this program far more powerful useful and convenient than Quick Launch Fast Launcher is easy to use - you need just two clicks to launch the program Now ... [...]
Fast Folder Access

Fast Folder Access 1.8.3

Fast Folder Access is a shell enhancement that gives you quick jump to your favorite folders in Common Open Save dialogs in Windows Explorer the desktop and the Start Button You access the Fast Folder menu by right-clicking anywhere in the File Directory directory background ... [...]

Launcher 1.8.5

Launcher is an easy-to-use file and application shortcut manager that can launch all kinds of files and programs Drag-and-drop operations are supported when editing items shown in the Launcher open and launch menu in system tray Create an unlimited amount of user defined sub-folders and ... [...]
Astatix Launcher

Astatix Launcher 1.63

Astatix Launcher allows you to quick start any applications open documents and explore folders in a single click It allows assigning hotkeys to any actions fulfilling several special functions open close CD door run screen saver hide task bar and others One of additional possibilities ... [...]
SD Screen Saver Launcher

SD Screen Saver Launcher 1.0

SD Screen Saver Launcher the program for fast start of the screensaver SDSSL helps to save confidentiality of the information Now you can start the screensaver during necessary time with only one movement of the mouse At start the program creates an active zone in ... [...]
True Launcher

True Launcher 2.8

True Launcher is a simple easy to use program launcher True Launcher allows you to combine your shortcuts into groups helps to free the desktop from numerous icons folders and files by moving them to the True Launcher start panel This panel automatically hides when ... [...]
Sharepoint Quick Launch

Sharepoint Quick Launch 2.0

Websio Quick Launch is a simple and powerfull Web Part that allows you to start applications right from portal site The Web Part contains a set of properties that allows you to customize all necessary settings buttons applications sets visual style etc There are two ... [...]

Launch-n-Go 2.5

Speed up your day with Launch-n-Go It is a smart multipurpose productivity tool A Text Inserter Program Launcher Keyboard macro Shortcut Manager Desktop Toolbar - all in one Save time eliminate errors with Launch-n-Go's text inserter Type important text once paste it into any email ... [...]
Sumka Quick Launcher

Sumka Quick Launcher

This is a quick program launcher with abilities - Panels of launching buttons - Each button can run program open folder or document open another panel with launching buttons - Button can open system folder like Desktop or Start menu - Each panel can be ... [...]
Screen Launcher

Screen Launcher

Screen Launcher lets you choose any program to run as a screensaver Screen Launcher lets you choose any program to run as a screensaver You could start a Powerpoint a movie or any EXE or associated file To install simply unzip right-click and click Install ... [...]
ShellObjects ActiveX

ShellObjects ActiveX 2012

ShellObjects ActiveX is a set of components brings a variety of powerful shell functionality to your app The ShellPopupNotification displays multiple MSN Office style popups with slide and fade animations and complete customization and behavior control ShellAppBar allows you to create Quick Launch-like appbars with ... [...]
Key Launcher

Key Launcher

Key Launcher script presents you the easiest website navigation you hit a keyboard letter and you will be on a new page This script presents you the easiest website navigation It requires nothing more than touching letters on your keyboard Just touch a letter that ... [...]
Stealth Launcher

Stealth Launcher 2.1

Stealth Launcher is an intuitive and simple to handle piece of software that was developed to help you place all your application shortcuts in a single location clearing up your desktop while still being able to access them whenever you want to work with them ... [...]

HotkeyP 4.8.3

With HotkeyP you can assign a keyboard shortcut a mouse shortcut or a joystick shortcut to any executable file document folder or web page You can also use all multimedia keys the fourth and fifth mouse buttons and a remote control if you install WinLIRC ... [...]

KbStart 1.7

KbStart provides lightning fast keyboard access to numerous resources by just by entering short abbreviations These resources include the Windows Start Menu Outlook Address Book Web Favorites Control Panels and others The abbreviations can match any character in the items name For example you can ... [...]
Desktop Assistant

Desktop Assistant 1.14

General features Quick search of programs and documents by part of their names At that you can put a few parts of program name separated by spaces The program Desktop Assistant will show you set of corresponding elements what is very handy Start of program ... [...]
Bad Shortcut Killer

Bad Shortcut Killer 2.0

Clean your start menu and desktop the quick and easy way with Bad Shortcut Killer from WareSoft Software Just simply click on the Find Bad Shortcuts button and Bad Shortcut Killer quickly searches your entire start menu and your desktop for invalid shortcuts All shortcuts ... [...]

Mi-Tabs 0.2

A Desktop Program Launcher It contains customised tabbed pages of icons to launch your favorite programs Files can be dragged and dropped on the active tab page to quickly create the launch buttons Mi-Tabs is one of several Mi-Apps programs the twenty buck software suite ... [...]
HP Quick Launch Buttons driver

HP Quick Launch Buttons driver

This allows customers to program the HP Quick Launch Buttons on the keyboard or use the default settings br br PREREQUISITES br - NET or higher br - If upgrading from xx or or then please un-install older version before installing this version br nbsp ... [...]

Mi-Toolbar 2.3

A desktop program launcher Mi-Toolbar is a personal or client program launcher It contains customised tabbed pages of icons to launch your favorite programs Files can be dragged and dropped on the active tab page to quickly create the launch buttons Client Toolbar you can ... [...]

dLauncher 2.71

dLauncher is a simple easy to use program launcher A good alternative to the Windows Start Menu Friendly and intuitive It provides quick access to your favorite programs shortcuts folders documents and websites You can create program groups customize the list of items to include ... [...]

AzureTray 2.2

Ever wish your favorite application or web link could be started from the system tray AzureTray makes it happen This pleasant utility lets you add tray-based icons that can launch your favorite programs documents and other files Adding a new icon is very similar to ... [...]

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